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Tupperware Online Party is as easy as 1, 2, FREE!

Step 1: Register as an eHost by simply using your name and e-mail address.
Step 2: Invite your Guests by submitting the name and e-mail address of everyone you want to invite. Your guests will receive an e-mail invitation* with a special link to begin shopping your Online Party. That’s it!

Based on the sales generated through your Online Party, you’ll qualify to receive Tupperware eGift Certificates to redeem online for your choice of Tupperware products. Shipping on your first eGift Certificate is Free!

What else should you know?
  • Your Online Party is active for 14 days.
  • To open an Online Party, you'll be prompted to select a Tupperware Consultant. You're under no obligation to be contacted by a Tupperware Consultant to have a Party.
  • You can return to check the status of your Online Party at any time.
  • You can invite more guests or send reminder invitations while the party is active.
  • Please DO NOT refresh your browser during the Online Party process as this may result in opening multiple online parties.
  • Please DO NOT open multiple online parties because sales cannot be combined to qualify for Online Party Awards.

* Tupperware respects the privacy of your guests and will not send additional e-mail unless granted permission from your guest.

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