Party Details

Consultant: Vicki Mangan
What: Tupperware Fundraiser for Bunnies!
When: Mar. 24, 2013 at 05:00 PM
Where: 3638 Demler Dr
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 - 1216
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Party Summary

Guest Information    
No. of Guests: 64  
Accepted: 18  
Declined: 43  
No Response: 3  
Guest Responses    
Chris No Response  
Kristen No Response  
Linda Yes  
Pat No Response  
Kim No  
donna Yes  
Mary No  
Doreen No  
Georgia Yes  
Nancy Yes  
Julie No  
Rebecca Yes  
Debbi Yes  
Elizabeth Yes  
Meg No  
Emily Yes  
raena Yes  
Ann No  
Alicia No  
Phyllis No  
Teresa No  
Stephanie No  
Gwen No  
Mark Yes  
Joanie No  
Michael No  
Julie No  
Marteen No  
Cheryl No  
Cheryl No  
charleen No  
Gina No  
Julie No  
Julie No  
Holly No  
debbie No  
Haven No  
Mary No  
Haven No  
Brianna No  
Joanne No  
Carrie Yes  
Angel No  
Erica No  
Geena No  
Tammy Yes  
Susan No  
Karen No  
Ann No  
Joy No  
Diane No  
Liz Yes  
Jim Yes  
Kristen No  
Elizabeth No  
Rita Yes  
Rita Yes  
Susan No  
Monica No  
Mark No  
lisa No  
Kristin No  
alicia Yes  
redbottomsneake Yes  

Guest Comments

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