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Microwave Plate Cover

  • Four vent holes allow steam to escape and prevent food splatters in the microwave
  • Keeps reheated food warm before serving
  • Easy to grip curved handle helps to safely remove cover from warmed plate
  • Generous rim stays cool to the touch - even after reheating
  • Rim keeps food from spilling off the plate
  • Smooth, fully rounded corners make cleaning easy
  • Fits standard microwave reheatable 10" dinner plate

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions 9 3/4" D. x 3" H.
  • Color: Sheer Ice n Mold Numbers: 3697

How to Demonstrate
  • “No more splatters in the microwave!”
  • “The Microwave Plate Cover will fit over most standard 10” microwave reheatable plates - including our Microwave Luncheon Plates.”
  • “Four vent holes allow steam to escape while still protecting your microwave.”
  • “If you want to keep the reheated food warm until you are ready to serve it, just keep the cover on.”
  • “The curved handle is easy to grab and remove from the plate - remember to always lift it away from you.”
  • “The large rim is cool to the touch and keeps the food from spilling off the plate.”
  • “And clean-up is a snap - the smooth, fully rounded corners make it easy!”
  • “A product that is easy to clean and keeps your microwave clean - now how can you go wrong?”

How to Cross Sell

Include with other microwave products in your demonstration, especially the Microwave Luncheon Plates


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