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Snack Be Nimble

  • The opening is just big enough for little fingers to pull out a few snacks - not a fistful!
  • Sliding cover is easy enough for small children to manipulate themselves. This gives them a sense of control and accomplishment.
  • Simple rotating mechanism helps toddlers to self feed
  • Seal clicks easily into the open or closed position to lessen spills
  • When open, the area is wide enough for little fingers to reach in and self feed
  • Fun, textured art is on both the stationary and rotating parts for baby/toddler entertainment
  • Stationary part has art that resembles water waves
  • Rotating part has textured fish art
  • When seal is rotated, the fish appear to swim in the water
  • The design, texture and the shading of color give the tumbler the visual effect of waves which is fun for the child to look at
  • The horizontal waves ensure the tumbler fits comfortably in a childs hand and wont slip when their hands are wet

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 3 D
  • Color: Cup - Bubble Gum Purple Seal - Gusto Yellow Cap - Bubble Gum Green
  • Mold Numbers: Seal 4085, Cap 4086 Cup 2547

How to Demonstrate
  • Bring Tupperware. brand 4 oz. Snack Cups
  • Our new Baby Snack Dispenser Seal fits all of our standard Tupperware. brand 4 oz. Snack Cups, so you can interchange the cups.
  • The rotating mechanism is so easy to use, your baby can do it all by herself. Wont she feel like the big girl?
  • Youll always know if the seal is in the open or closed position because it snaps into place.
  • When the seal is open, little fingers can reach in and take a snack, one piece at a time.
  • When the seal is closed, no snacks spill out!
  • The artwork on the seal will keep baby entertained while shes learning to feed herself. The stationary part of the seal has art that resembles water waves. The rotating part has textured fish art. When baby rotates the seal, the fish appears to swim in the water.
  • The Baby Snack Dispenser Seal provides the best of both worlds-baby learns to feed herself one bite at a time and Mom and Dad doesnt have to endure the mess.

How to Cross Sell
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