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Water Filter Pitcher

  • Pitcher
    - Large 1-gallon capacity and break-resistant plastic is great for families; fits in most refrigerator doors
    - Built-in double handle provides a safe grip and is comfortable to hold
  • Filter
    - Each filter processes approximately 37 gallons of tap water (about two months of normal use)
    - NSF approved; removes 99.4% of lead, 97.8% of copper and 97% of zinc
    - Reduces chlorine from tap water, producing better-tasting drinking water
    - Filtered water produces better-tasting infant formula, drinks made from juice concentrates and powdered mixes; filtered water also creates better-tasting vegetables when gardening and cooking
    - Filtered water is better for pets and plants, too
    - Filter should be kept moist at all times; when the water level in the pitcher gets near the bottom of the filter base, refill the pitcher
    - If filter is not used for one or two days, fill reservoir and allow water to filter through; discard the first pitcher of water
    - Filter is designed for use only with municipally treated tap water that is tested to be microbiologically safe; it is not designed to purify contaminated water
    - Do not use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system; information about the quality of tap water is available for your local water authority
    - Do not expose filter to direct sunlight for extended periods of time
    - Prior to use, filter must be submerged in water, agitating it until the bubbles stop; allow the filter to soak for 15 minutes in cold water
    - Lower filter in reservoir, making sure to set the filter indicator on the underside of the cover (set to the 56 position with the representation of the pitcher.)
    - Fill reservoir with cold tap water twice, allowing water to filter through once before filling a second time (two fills equal more than a half gallon or 2.5 liters); replace with cover and enjoy refreshing filtered water
    - With the first pitcher of water, it is normal to see some discoloration of water (excess of carbon particles) and will not affect the taste or quality of the filtered tap water. If you desire, discard the first pitcher of filtered water or use to water plants
    - It is normal to have some water remaining in reservoir after filling the pitcher. After pouring the first glass of water, the filtering process will continue
    - Tupperware’s Water Filter Pitcher is the only water filter pitcher available that keeps unfiltered water (in reservoir) separate from the freshly filtered water with a patent-pending seal design
    - You can view the filtering process through the polished pitcher window
  • Cover includes patent-pending indicator; turns from green to red when it’s time to change filter, so there’s no guesswork
  • Stay-cold seal
    - For use without filter; perfect for making drinks like lemonade with freshly filtered water
    - Place seal on bottom of reservoir, add ice to reservoir cavity and place inside pitcher
    - Keeps drinks colder longer without watering them down with ice
  • California and Iowa resident should note additional state requirements in the product insert

• Pitcher and reservoir are dishwasher-safe • Pitcher’s cover and filter are not dishwasher-safe; periodically wash cover by hand • Colors—Pitcher and cover: Delta Blue; Reservoir: and Stay-cold seal: Sheer Ice • Mold Numbers: pitcher 4433, stay-cold seal 4452, pitcher hopper 4477, pitcher seal 4478, filling cap 4479, pitcher seal gasket 4480, spout cap 4481

How to Demonstrate
  • “Filters are sold in a set of two. With normal use, each filter will last about two months. Just give me a call when you need to buy more.”
  • “There’s no guesswork on when to change the filter because the indicator turns from green to red when it’s time to change the filter.”
  • “This pitcher is the perfect way to serve your favorite beverages or punch without diluting them. Simply remove the filter, place the stay-cold seal on the bottom of the reservoir, fill the reservoir cavity with ice and place inside the pitcher.”
  • “Tupperware is known for keeping food tastier and fresher. Now you can have great tasting water by using the Water Filter Pitcher.”
  • “You will have better-tasting infant formula, coffee, tea, protein drinks, lemonade and juices made from concentrates or powdered mixes because the filter removes the odor from tap water.”
  • “The Water Filter Pitcher removes at least 97% of lead, copper and zinc, which means great tasting water and peace of mind.”
  • “This large 1-gallon pitcher is break-resistant and fits in most refrigerator doors.”
  • “A nice feature of this pitcher is the built in double handle. It provides a safe grip and is comfortable to hold.”
  • “To get cold water immediately, simply add ice to the reservoir prior to filling with cold tap water. Your water will be freshly filtered and icy cold all at once.”

How to Cross Sell
Demonstrate with the Tupperware® Impressions 11- and 16-oz. Tumbler Sets. And for great tasting coffee and tea, suggest the Coffee House Set.


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