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Aero Mister

  • A convenient way to dispense herb-infused oils or salad dressings onto foods before or after cooking. Can also be used to create and dispense refreshing body sprays.
  • To use
    – Measure ingredients for desired spray and pour into Aero Mister bottle. Replace pumping mechanism and shake well.
    – Pump three to six times before spraying.
  • Product insert includes three herb spray recipes for bread, salads, vegetables or meats
    – For optimum flavor, let stand 12 to 24 hours at room temperature, then remove herbs and peppercorns. Do not refrigerate.
  • Also includes three refreshing body spray recipes.

  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  • Do not use oil mixtures with small particles, as they will clog spraying mechanism.
  • Contents under pressure. Do not spray on or near a heated surface, near an open flame or on any area above 110º F.

How to Demonstrate
  • “The Aero Mister is a modern solution for adding flavor to foods or invigorating your soul with a refreshing body spray.”
  • “Use with vegetable, canola or olive oil to save lots of fat grams when sautéing or frying
  • “The Aero Mister allows you to flavor foods before or after cooking without adding a lot of calories. To get started, use one of the three recipes included with the product, or create your own unique recipe.”
  • “Make a relaxing, refreshing or revitalizing body spray from one of the recipes included, or develop your own energizing body spray.”
  • “Give a unique and revitalizing gift with a set of two Aero Misters: one to mist herb-infused sprays on bread, salads, vegetables or meats, and the second to fill with a refreshing body spray.”

How to Cross Sell
Demonstrate how to use the Aero Mister by making an herb-infused or refreshing body spray for party guests. Measure out the ingredients with the Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cone. You can also promote healthy cooking by demonstrating the Aero Mister in combination with the E-Series Nylon Cooking Utensils.


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