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Heat ’N Serve™ Containers



  • Store, freeze, reheat and serve a variety of foods—all in the same container.
  • Virtually unbreakable, stain-resistant plastic withstands the extreme temperatures of the freezer and microwave.
  • Innovative shape ensures more even reheating of foods.
    - Slightly raised hub in the center eliminates under-heated center and over-heated edges.
  • Sheer material makes it easy to identify contents at a glance.
  • Textured bottom helps masks scratches.
  • Two large handles make it easy to carry from the fridge or freezer to microwave to table.
  • Attractive design is suitable for serving at the table.
  • Great for transporting foods. Note: Always transport containers in an upright position.


  • Exclusive, automatic no-worry valve is made of flexible, state-of-the-art silicone.
    - Automatically adjusts to allow steam to escape when microwave-reheating foods, thereby preventing messy microwave splatters.
    - When the container is removed from the microwave to cool down, the automatic no-worry valve adjusts again to allow air into the container, thereby equalizing the pressure and maintaining the seal's original shape for easy removal.
  • Easy to remove when container is hot or cold.
    - To remove seal, place both hands on each side of the container between the handles of the container and the handles of the seal. Gently lift seal up and away from container.

  • Microwave- and freezer-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Not for use in conventional ovens.
  • Capacities/Dimensions
    - 4¾-cup Oval: 3½" H x 11" W
    - 8¼-cup Oval: 4½" H x 11" W
    - 3-cup Round: 3½" H x 9¼" W
    - 6¼-cup Round: 4½" H x 9¼" W
  • Mold Numbers
    - 4¾-cup Oval: 5409
    - 8¼-cup Oval: 5433
    - Oval Seal: 5412
    - 3-cup Round: 5434
    - 6¼-cup Round: 5411
    - Round Seal: 5410
    - Silicone valve: 5413
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

How to Use
  • To ensure sufficient room for food contents to expand in the freezer, fill each container no higher than ½" below upper rim.
  • After reheating, remove container from the microwave using both hands. Allow it to rest on a countertop for a few minutes to allow the temperature to distribute evenly before removing the seal.
  • Use a heat-resistant mitt or glove when removing containers from the microwave.
  • Heat 'N Serve™ Containers are not intended for cooking foods in the microwave; use only to bring previously cooked foods to desired serving temperature. For best results, always reheat at 50-70% power. Check your microwave owner's manual for more information.
  • Seal is not intended for use as a base to reheat foods. Use only to seal Heat 'N Serve™ Container.

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