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Oval Microwave Cooker

  • Versatile and easy-to-use system works with your microwave to steam, cook and bake a variety of foods.
  • Interchangeable pieces work together or separately to infuse fresh fish, vegetables or meat with mouthwatering flavor.
  • Includes a 2¼-quart base, deep colander floor and ring, shallow colander and self-venting cover.
  • Use the 2¼-quart base to steam rice, cook an entire casserole, roast a chicken, or bake brownies or other desserts.
  • Add the deep colander floor and ring to steam an entire head of cauliflower or up to eight ears of corn at once.
  • Two-level colander enables you to steam two different foods simultaneously.
  • Add Oval Microwave Cooking Rack (sold separately) to base to cook high-fat foods such as ground beef or bacon. Note: Allow contents to cool before removing rack from base.
  • Self-venting cover allows steam to escape and prevents messy microwave splatters.
  • Includes steaming chart and full-color recipe booklet.

  • Microwave-safe
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Capacity/Dimensions:
    - 2¼ quarts
    - 7½" H x 7½" W x 11 5/8" L
  • Mold Numbers
    - Base: 4145
    - Cover: 4146
    - Deep Colander Ring: 4147
    - Shallow Colander: 4148
    - Colander Floor and Cooking Rack: 4149
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

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