No matter how big you dare to dream, we provide the training, the tools and the proven path to success that empowers you to advance as far as you want to go. Your Business Kit contains everything you need for a successful start.

Plus, through the Confident Start program, you can qualify for tools to grow your business and open the doors to increased earning potential during your first 13 weeks.

Getting started is easy
Investing in yourself and your new Tupperware business is easy. You may choose to pay for your $99.99 Business Kit with our 3 Easy Payment plan using a credit card.

Start today!
Let a Consultant show you how.

    Also included:
  • 1 Date Book
  • 1 Party Partner
  • 4 Recruiting Brochures
  • 50 Business Cards
  • 4 Host Coaching Guides & Envelopes
  • 20 Catalogs
  • 20 Monthly Brochures
  • 50 Customer Order Forms
  • 1 Tiny Treasure Gift Bag
  • 4 Current Dating Gift

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