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Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle & Caddy


Olive Oil Bottle

  • Both bottle and pour spout are made of a virtually unbreakable, stain-resistant material that stands up to daily use.
  • Decorative twisting shape fits more comfortably in your hand for better control when pouring.
  • Pour spout controls the flow of liquids and minimizes splashing.
  • Removable pour spout features a flexible gasket that forms a virtually liquid-tight seal.
  • Lower portion is textured to mask scratching.
  • Clear design allows you to see contents at a glance.

Olive Oil Caddy

  • Virtually unbreakable, stain-resistant material is designed to last a lifetime.
  • Center handle with decorative ring at top makes it easy to transport up to three Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottles from the kitchen to the table-perfect when serving balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar and olive oil at the same time.

  • Before using, wash bottle and stopper in dishwasher or hot, soapy water.
  • When filling bottles, leave about 2½" of space for the stopper.
  • To clean, wash in hot, soapy water or place in dishwasher. Note: Before refilling Olive Oil Bottle, it is important to clean it with hot, soapy water. Without cleaning, residue from old or rancid oil will contaminate the new oil.
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers or metal scouring pad to clean. Use a sponge or nylon scouring pad when hand-washing.
  • Not for use in microwave.
  • Capacities/Dimensions
    - Bottle: 15 ounces, 9" H
    - Caddy: accommodates up to three Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottles, 8.75" H
  • Mold Numbers
    - Bottle: 9057
    - Caddy: Base 5203, Handle 5204
  • Full Lifetime Warranty

How to Demonstrate
  • “Both the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle and Caddy are perfect additions to the Sheerly Elegant™ Collection.”
  • “The beautiful designs of the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle and Caddy are perfect for entertaining. You'll want to host an Italian-style dinners just so you can show them off! Use the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle to serve the perfect salad dressing or Italian dipping sauce for bread.”
  • “Why hide your olive oil in the cabinet when you can create an attractive display on a countertop or table with the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle and Caddy?”
  • “Combine the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle and Caddy with the Sheerly Elegant™ Serving Bowl Set for a stylish set that's perfect for serving salads and other foods.”
  • “The Olive Oil Bottle has a smooth-pouring spout that minimizes splashes and makes it easier to control the flow when seasoning salads or other foods.”
  • “Notice how the Olive Oil Bottles nest in the Caddy. Together, they add a touch of durable elegance to your dining room table or kitchen countertop.”
  • “Feel the difference of the Sheerly Elegant™ Olive Oil Bottle. It's both lightweight and durable, and the unique, twisting design fits comfortably in your hand.”

How to Cross Sell
Season a simple salad or romaine lettuce with extra-virgin olive oil and salt and pepper in the Sheerly Elegant™ Large Bowl. Toss with the Sheerly Elegant™ Tongs. Add balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar and toss again. Taste a piece of lettuce and adjust seasonings to taste.


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