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My.Tupperware Overview
Part 2

Overview of Your Personal My.Tupperware Account
Each major section of the My.Tupperware site is referred to as a "tab", because they look like tabs on file folders. The tabs on My.Tupperware include:

• Home

• Manage My Site

• My Office

• Events

• Recognition

• Tupperware University (next to the Recognition tab)

Home (Tab) — The Home page is organized like the front page of a newspaper and is always your starting point to read breaking news as well as daily and monthly updates. The Home page also provides access to the following sections


My Orders This section is on the left side of your page. My Orders provides access to information about your web site orders and Online Party Orders (Plus and Gold accounts only), as well as My Sales, where you will enter your party orders, fundraisers, business supplies and personal orders. We'll discuss My Sales in more detail on the next few pages.


Team Info This section is where you can see recognition, information, training tips, and news that is specific to your team, from your Manager, Distributor and Regional Vice President. You can also view your Distributor's online news bulletin.


My.Tupperware Information You'll find the latest My.Tupperware-related news and tips here.


Discussion Boards Active in Plus and Gold accounts only, the Discussion Boards provide a forum for online discussion of your business (or whatever else you'd like to talk about) with Consultants and Managers across the country.


Manage My Site (Tab) (active in Plus & Gold accounts only) — The Manage My Site tab allows you to view and customize your personal web site with seasonal themes and a template that you can use to customize your site. You can display your favorite products, news and information about the Tupperware Business Opportunity. Your site also contains a "Contact Me" feature, which lets customers leave their contact information for you.


My Office (Tab) — The My Office tab is your source for most Tupperware communications. The "This Month" section contains all the consumer, Host and sales force information for the current week and month, including a section where you can view product information. The "Party Central" section contains all the latest communications, announcements, updates and training tips related to the A Taste of Tupperware party experience.


Events (Tab) — The Events tab provides general information regarding Tupperware-sponsored events and national conventions.


Recognition (Tab) — This is where you can read about the top sales people in the country and their accomplishments.


Tupperware University (Tab) — The Tupperware University tab provides general training as well as training from Tupperware-sponsored events, published through Tupperware University, around these areas of skill development:

• Selling, recruiting, dating, and party planning

• Reference guides and tips on using technology


Contact Center (Plus and Gold accounts only)
The Contact Center is your online web office, providing access to all your personal communications like e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks. You can import existing contact information from e-mail sources like Outlook and Outlook Express.


Helpful Hints
In order for you to be successful, you should check these three areas on a daily basis:

• Your e-mail, for any new unread messages or new contacts looking for more information about Tupperware. You can access it through links in the Web Office Information section on the Home tab or through the Contact Center link.

• The Home tab, for breaking news and up-to-the-minute business information.

• The Team Page, for local announcements and upcoming events. The link can be found in the Team Info section on the Home tab.


Phone Order Processing
As a new Consultant, you may wish to take advantage of the free phone order processing service provided by the Customer Care Center during your first 90 days. If so, refer to "Phone Orders to Customer Care" in Section 5 in this Binder for further explanation.


My Sales
This section will provide you with a general overview of My Sales. To get complete details before you start entering orders, you should first view and print the "My Sales Getting Started Guide" located under My.Tupperware > Tupperware University > Reference Guides. This guide will assist you as you become acquainted with features in My Sales. If you have any questions, contact Customer Care.


Accessing My Sales
There are two different ways to access My Sales.

• Log into your personal my.tupperware.com account, then click the My Sales link in the My Orders section on the Home page. You will need to enter your 11-digit ID and password.

• Or, you may go directly to My Sales by entering the following address in your address or location bar of your browser:http:// order. tupperware.com:8300/sf/app/tsf$frames.setup

Note:Save this web address to your favorites. You may need to access My Sales directly at some point if the my.tupperware.com web site is experiencing difficulties.
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