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New Consultant Orientation
Part 13

How do I make money?
The great thing about a Tupperware business is it grows with you. There is a lot of money that can be made in this business as well as prestigious automobiles to be driven. It's yours for the taking as long as you make the commitment to invest the time and effort it takes. There are no ceilings here.

• One of the best things about Tupperware is you get paid for conducting business in an incredibly fun way—by holding Tupperware parties! You are paid a commission based on the total retail sales of your party.

Tupperware wants to make it as easy as possible for you to be successful. That's why we offer different ways of doing business ... the party, your own customized Web site and TAP locations, which may include a mall showcase.

Details and specifics on Tupperware's commission and bonus structures can be found on my.tupperware.com.



Personal Profit



That's $100 for every AVERAGE* party.


Monthly Personal Sales Volume Bonus 5 or 10% When you achieve monthly personal sales between $1,000 and $2,999, you'll receive a 5% bonus. It increases to 10% when your sales reach $3,000.


My. Tupperware Plus Commission

20% Your own web site can generate sales and commissions for you.
Tupperware Access Points Commission 5%

TAP locations, or Mall Showcases, offer an outstanding opportunity to introduce new people to your business. And the profit you'll earn makes a nice addition to your party and Internet income.

Royalties on Your Recruits

For each new Consultant you personally recruit, you'll receive a royalty bonus that can form a substantial portion of your earnings.

Tupperware Vehicle / Monthly Cash Option Tupperware's Manager Vehicle Program awards qualified Managers the privilege of driving an expenses-paid Tupperware vehicle — with NO monthly car loan payments or insurance premiums.

*Based on a $400 party average


What's Next?

The 30-60-90 Day Program: Getting Started

The 30-60-90 Day Program is designed to assist your continued progress up the Tupperware ladder. The program will guide you week by week, each month, through your first 90 days. To start you off on your first 30-day segment, we've provided a list of suggested activities that will help you achieve the success you deserve. You'll also find charts at the end of each section for keeping track of your progress.

Days 1 -30: Suggested Activities

• Attend New Consultant Orientation

• Hold your Grand Opening party and invite everyone you know

• Attend a training party with your Manager

• Attend Rally each week

• Attend Unit meeting

• Hold 2 or more parties

• Attend a Recruiting Interview with your Manager.

• Call your Manager to report all your good news

• Attend your 30 day Training Class

• Once you've reached $500 or more in sales and attended your 30 Day training, purchase your Microwave Reheating Set

Days 1 - 30 Tracking Chart

Party Date
Recipe Prepared
Serve-It-Up Tips
# Datings
# Recruits
$$ Sales
















Don't forget—when you achieve $500 or more in sales and attend your 30 day training, you'll be eligible to purchase the Microwave Reheating Set, an $85 value for only $25!


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