Credit & Debit Card Errors
Welcome to Web Order Entry's 3 Easy Steps to resolving credit or debit card errors.

  • If you received an Invalid Transaction error, move immediately to Step 3.

  • For more information about the Error Message, see the What Does the Error Mean? section.

Step 1

Verify Customer Card Information

  • If the card information on the customer's order form is incomplete or illegible, go directly to Step 2.
  • Compare all card information you have entered on Web Order Entry with the information filled in on the completed order form.

  • Check the first digit of the Card Number.
    • Visa begins with "4"
    • MasterCard begins with "5"
    • Discover begins with "6"
  • Check the number of digits you've entered. Credit Card numbers are 16 digits. Some Debit Cards may have a different number of digits.
  • Check all numbers carefully. It's easy to transpose numbers when typing. For example, you may type "4554" when it should be "4545."
  • Check the Expiration Date. Make sure the date is entered in the correct format (mm/yy) and that the year is greater than 2003 and less than 2020.
  • Step 2

    Contact the Customer

    • Call the customer to obtain any incomplete or illegible card information.
    • Ask the customer to contact her/his financial institution to find out the status of the card.
    • Ask the customer for another method of payment.
  • Write down card information as the customer is giving it to you.
  • Repeat back the information for confirmation, especially numbers.
  • Important! Never ask a customer to send you credit/debit card information by e-mail.
  • Contact the Financial Institution (For Your Card)

    If you receive a card error when submitting the Consultant Payment, follow these steps:

    • First, verify your card information is entered correctly.
    • Call your financial institution (bank) for more information about the card status. To assist your bank representative, provide the Error Code that appears next to the Error Message on the Party Summary page. (ex. Invalid Card - 00NZ)

    Step 3

    System Errors ("Invalid Transaction")

    • Most system errors occur when there is a brief interruption in the credit card authorization process. This is usually temporary.

  • Enter all other orders if the system allows.
  • Logout of Web Order Entry. Wait about 15-30 minutes, log back in to Web Order Entry and try to submit again.
  • Contact Customer Care. If the error continues, click the "Chat" button on the right side of the page to chat online with a Customer Care Representative.

    Using Chat allows you to stay online without disconnecting your Internet connection to call Customer Care.

    When reporting a system error using Chat, include the following information on the Chat screen:

    • Error Message and Code (ex. Invalid Transaction - 14NS).
    • Name of the page you were on when you received the error (ex. Party Summary).
    • Click Submit.
    • Await the Representative's response for further instructions.
    • If the error persists, please call Customer Care directly to report the issue at 1-888-921-7395.

    What Does the Error Mean?

    Invalid Card (See Step 1. above.)
    This error indicates the card has been declined by the card issuer (bank or financial institution).

    Insufficient Funds (See Step 2. above.)
    This error indicates the cardholder does not have enough funds in the account to cover the charge.

    Invalid Expiration Date (See Step 1. above.)
    This error indicates the cardholder has provided an invalid expiration date for the card.

    Re-enter Card - Try Again (See Step 1. above.)
    This error indicates card information was entered incorrectly into Web Order Entry.

    Invalid Transaction (See Step 3. above.)
    This error indicates there is a system error that is preventing the transaction from being completed.

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